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Weiser ND9470X Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Weiser ND9470X Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Product Code: WDB

29.99  (35.99 inc VAT)
35.99  (29.99 ex VAT)
Perfect for locking bedroom doors and other internal doors at home.

Mechanism : 5 Pin Tumbler.
Case Finish : Zinc Plated.
Cylinder Finish : Brass or Satin Chrome.
Keys Supplied : 2

OPERATION : Deadbolt is locked or unlocked by key from outside and thumbturn inside.
Bolt automatically deadlocks when fully extended.

FEATURES : Suitable for door thickness 35mm - 45mm.
Outside cylinder treated with the Weiser ‘Brilliance’ anti-tarnish finish.

KEYED ALIKE LOCKS ARE £5 EXTRA. IMPORTANT NOTE. Keyed alike locks are only supplied with one set of keys. This is because the first lock mechanism remains unchanged and any additional locks are modified to match this. The keys supplied with these additional locks cannot be used and are scrapped. If you require more than one set of keys these can be ordered at extra cost. See the bottom of this page for price.

Key Configuration ?

Extra Key for Weiser Knobsets

Extra Key for Weiser Knobsets

Product Code: WXK

3.00  (3.60 inc VAT)
3.60  (3.00 ex VAT)

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