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BRITON 581 Slimline Push Pad Panic Latch

BRITON 581 Slimline Push Pad Panic Latch

Product Code: L22047

89.00  (106.80 inc VAT)
106.80  (89.00 ex VAT)
The new Briton 581 is a push pad emergency exit latch which has been designed to provide single point locking but capable of expansion using pullman latch kits to provide multi point locking. CE Marked and fully certified to EN 179, the new Briton 581’s robust construction makes it suitable for heavy traffic areas.
Suitable for doors over 200kg
Security Grade 5 - 5000N
Robust construction for heavy traffic

CE Marked & fully certified to EN 179

Suitable for any door width

Slimline design - body width 42.8mm