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ABUS 1000 Granit Steel-O-Flex Lock

Product Code: ABU1000100

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1000 Granit Steel-O-Flex Lock
• 25mm hardened steel shells : With high tensile cable
• ABUS Plus disk cylinder : Resists drilling pulling attacks
• 30,000 key differs : High protection against manipulation
• Tough plastic sleeve : Protects valuable paintwork

Where to use it:
Securing two-wheelers with a high risk of theft
How it works:
Lock two-wheeler to a fixed object (e.g. lamppost, road sign, fence)

Hardened overlapping steel jacket envelops a strong steel cable  double security

Strong PVC sheathing provides prevents damage to the bicycle paintwork

ABUS Plus disc cylinder: maximum precision for securing against intelligent attempts to break open, 250,000 different key variations.

Lock body in steel sheathing protects against violent methods of attack

Double bolt locking mechanism offer a very high degree against pulling and torsion attacks