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ABUS 1050/100 Granit Steel-O-Flex

Product Code: ABU1050100

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1050 Granit X-Plus Steel-O-Flex Lock
25mm hardened steel shells : With high tensile cable
Patented ABUS X Plus mechanism : Maximum resistance against manipulation
Through hardened steel construction : Resists physical attack
Tough plastic sleeve : Protects valuable paintwork

Where to use it:
Securing two-wheelers with a high risk of theft

How it works:
Lock two-wheeler to a fixed object (e.g. lamppost, road sign, fence)

Hardened overlapping steel jacket envelops a strong steel cable.

Strong PVC sheathing provides prevents damage to the bicycle paintwork

ABUS X-Plus lock cylinder provides optimum protection against picking attacks

Lock body in steel sheathing protects against violent methods of attack

Patented ABUS power cell technology provides maximum resistance to violent attempted attacks by beating and pulling
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