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Adams Rite 4730-300 Deadlatch

Adams Rite 4730-300 Deadlatch

Product Code: 4319

109.00  (130.80 inc VAT)
130.80  (109.00 ex VAT)
Adams Rite deadlatch designed to work with screw in cylinders from either side.

Reversible hand with either a 22mm, 24mm or a 28mm backset.

Deadlatch locks every time the door is closed and deadlocks automatically with the deadlocking snib.

Can be used with mechanical codelocks or standard screw in cylinders.

ADAMS RITE 4591 Paddle Handle

Product Code: L13453-6

99.99  (119.99 inc VAT)
119.99  (99.99 ex VAT)

Due to it's durability and quality of design this product has achieved our 'LSW Approved' status, reserved for only the top performing products within their market sector.

The Adams Rite 4591 paddle Handle is designed for simple push or pull operation as an alternative to a lever handle

Great additional product to ease the exit through the door.

Pull or Push versions available - Pull handle for inwards opening doors and Push for outward opening doors (when view from INSIDE)

Hand / Action
Adams Rite 4730 Faceplate Flat

Adams Rite 4730 Faceplate Flat

Product Code: 4407

8.99  (10.79 inc VAT)
10.79  (8.99 ex VAT)