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BEE SECURE Remote Control Door & Window Alarm

Product Code: L29418

15.99  (19.19 inc VAT)
19.19  (15.99 ex VAT)
Stand Alone Door and Window Alarm, place it on the window and if the window is opened without turning off the alarm a loud siren sounds for 30 seconds.

This lightweight and compact Bee-Secure alarm is supplied complete with instructions and batteries and it is designed for use on either doors or windows. It features a low battery warning beep with LED light, and activates an alarm when the door or window is opened without authorisation. The unit is operated using a remote control for maximum user convenience.

Kit Contains:
1 x door sensor
1 x magnetic strip
2 x remote control
1 x 3M tape
All required batteries needed for unit to operate.


Remote control for easy operation
Low power warning beep
Suitable for use with doors and windows
Built in 130db alarm
Supplied with batteries and fitting instructions
Easy to install with no wiring required

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