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CARDEA Anti Ligature Coat Hook

Product Code: CarCoH

29.99  (35.99 inc VAT)
35.99  (29.99 ex VAT)
The Cardea Anti Ligature Coat Hooks are an ideal safety feature in both public settings and care environments, helping to prevent injury and death from a rigid hook. These hooks are made from durable, hardwearing plastic, designed for holding coats and bags. Once a weight limit of 11.7kg is exceeded, the hook will automatically drop into the lowered safety position allowing the item to fall from the hook and it will return to the upright position once the weight is removed.

Vandal-resistant and tamper proof
Resets to upright position once weight is released
Strong and durable construction
Supplied complete with 3 mounting screws
Safety feature allows hook to drop once weight limit of 11.7kg is exceeded
Helps to avoid injury

High strength polycarbonate
Note: Polycarbonate should not be subjected to industrial solvents, such as, acetone.
Magnets:N40 Grade Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB)
Magnet Coating:Three layer coating of Nickel-Copper-Nickel having a minimum thickness of 0.0015?


Release Weight: 26lbs. +/- 2lbs. (11.8 kg. +/- 0.9 kg.)

3 mounting screws

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