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Kasp Security Chain 8mm

Kasp Security Chain 8mm

Product Code: K4508L110

19.00  (22.80 inc VAT)
22.80  (19.00 ex VAT)
Suitable for bicycles, scooters, gates and other medium security applications.

This chain has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard, this is why we confidently offer a full ten year guarantee.


- Fabric sleeve - protects paintwork from accidental damage. Hexagonal chain
- Extra resistance against bolt cutter attacks
- Hardened steel links. Extra protection against hacksaw & cropping attacks
- Extra strong welded links. Resists pull and torsion attack
- Fully galvanised finish - Protection against corrosion

DIMENSIONS: length - 110mm. Link Diameter - 8mm.
  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Chain Length
  • 1100
  • B
  • Link Diameter
  • 8

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