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Saturn EVO Van Lock

Product Code: SaturnEvo

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SaturnEVO is a van lock that offers strength,

reliability, simplicity and flexibility.

Manufactured in stainless steel

Cylinder equipped with defender system

Universal design, fits any van

Always attached to the vehicle door

Ergonomic shell for ease and intuitive use

Mounting instructions and fixing kit included

Please see the link below to the official web page for fitting video and also the testing video for physical attack.



Unique locking operation removes all pressure from the key and

cylinder. The integrated dust cover helps to mitigate dirt and dust

ingress. This ensures a long lasting and hassle free operation.


SaturnEVO requires minimal installation and does not require

extensive cutting or manipulation of a vans bodywork or strengthening

panels. Installation time is down to just 15 minutes per door, thanks to

the clever design and included adhesive drill template.


The simple and intuitive twist locking operation makes using this

superior van lock easier than ever. It is always secured to the opening

door and therefore always in place offering a high level of security

when its needed most. By not automatically locking every time the

door closes, the van operator can choose when they wish to

lock/unlock their SaturnEVO and prevent the keys and possibly

themselves being locked inside the vehicle.

Door Lock Set


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