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Weiser Beverley Entrance Knobset NA530B

Product Code: NA530B

35.00  (42.00 inc VAT)
42.00  (35.00 ex VAT)
KNOB FUNCTION : Key & Turnbutton,
MECHANISM : 5 Pin Tumbler,
CASE FINISH : Zinc Plated,
KNOB FINISH : Brass or Satin Chrome,

OPERATION : Reversible latchbolt is withdrawn by either knob, except when outside knob is locked by turnbutton inside.
Both knobs are automatically released by turning key outside or rotating turn button inside.

FEATURES : Supplied with anti-thrust latch which automatically deadlocks when door is in the closed position. Adjustable backset, 60 or 70mm.
Suitable for door thickness 35mm - 45mm.
Outside knob treated with Weiser "Brilliance" anti-tarnish finish.

Dimensions (mm) A = 60, B = 60/70, C = 51, D = 67, E = 57, F = 25

Weiser has changed its design of knobset in 2010 and although the size and operation of the knobsets remain the same the spindle is a new shape and will not work with the old latches. If you are upgrading your knobsets from an old Weiser you will need to change the knobset and the latch so that they work together

Key Configuration ?

Extra Key for Weiser Knobsets

Extra Key for Weiser Knobsets

Product Code: WXK

3.00  (3.60 inc VAT)
3.60  (3.00 ex VAT)
Masterkey for Masterkeyed locks

Masterkey for Masterkeyed locks

Product Code: 609

5.50  (6.60 inc VAT)
6.60  (5.50 ex VAT)
Masterkey for Supplied Masterkeyed locks

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