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Wireless Garage & Shed Alarm

Wireless Garage & Shed Alarm

Product Code: EMS6103

21.43  (25.72 inc VAT)
25.72  (21.43 ex VAT)
The Garage & Shed Alarm is a convenient and effective PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor alarm that offers peace of mind through round the clock protection. The alarm unit sounds in your home when the PIR unit detects an intruder in your shed or garage.

Alarm triggered on detection of movement. Alerts homeowner while inside the home. Ultra loud 90 dB alarm. Alarm or chime modes. Low battery indicator. Uses a total of 7 x AA size batteries (not included). Burglar deterrent window sticker included. Motion sensor range - 20 feet (6 metres), with angles of 20 degrees vertical & 60 degrees horizontal. Maximum range between motion sensor & alarm unit - 50 feet (15 metres)

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