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Best Combination Padlocks

Quick links to highest security Combination padlocks

  1. Squire Warrior Range
  2. Squire Stronghold Combination Range

Overview of Combination Padlocks

Combination padlocks have become a hugely popular product range mostly due to the ease of use as keys are not required so the code can be issued to multiple users and then changed at any time if required. There are some things to consider though before you purchase these padlocks as it is not always as smooth sailing with the combination padlocks compared to a keyed padlock.


No combination padlock has an independent security rating so none are suitable for insurance requirements. This is because without a key you can not have any key differs which voids the CEN rating and also with combination padlocks there is no way to guarantee that the padlock has been locked after use. Keyed padlocks that are Sold Secure are key retaining so you can not remove the key when the padlock is still open.

The manufacturers of the padlocks give their own padlocks a rating normally out of 10 to indicate the security rating compared to others in their entire range. This is a good way to tell the security of a padlock within its own brand but they are self-determined so don't' relate across brands. The Lockshop Warehouse has re-evaluated these ratings in the content below to give them a universal rating.


With all products, there is a risk that the product may become faulty over time. The main issues can be with some of the combination padlocks is that they have small moving parts internally which require lubrication but this is where WD40 can be an issue as it drys and leaves a residue inside the lock that can cause problems over time. There are special lubricants that have been created for padlocks like the ABUS PS88 which is much better to prolong the life of the combination padlocks. It's ways a good idea to purchase a quality brand of padlocks like ABUS or Squire so that you minimise the risk of this.

Security Issue

As there is no physical key to use with this type of padlock there is no way to control who has access to the padlock. People can tell others the code, accidentally leave the padlock with the code still dialed or even have someone look over their shoulder to see the code and once this is known then there is no way of stopping them from coming back later on and opening the padlock. This is one of the main security risks associated with the combination padlocks and why if securing high valued items we always recommend using a keyed padlock. We can key alike most of our high security padlocks in-house and supply a large range of our padlocks with restricted key profiles so you can control the duplication of keys.

Lockshop Warehouse Recommendations

Squire Warrior Range

The Squire Warrior range is the largest range of combination padlocks on the market ranging from 45mm open profile WAR45 all the way up to the toughest WAR65CS. They are extremely reasonably priced to offer a padlock for all uses and budgets.

Designed with a soft feel cover that is protecting a armoured steel body this padlock is great for external use and high security uses. The Boron shackle starts at 8mm on the 45mm padlocks and goes up to the largest 12mm on the 65mm padlocks that will make these padlocks very difficult to beat.

The Squire Warrior has the largest combination padlock available to us which is the Squire WAR65WAR65CS and WAR65LS. These padlocks have a 12mm shackle which is the thickest on any combination padlocks we sell.

LSW Rating:  6/10

Squire Warrior 45mm 4 wheel padlocks - WAR45, WAR45LS  

LSW Rating:  7/10

Squire Warrior 45mm closed shackle- WAR45CS
55mm padlocks - WAR55, WAR55LSĀ 

LSW Rating:  8/10

Squire Warrior 55mm Closed Shackle - WAR55CS,
65mm Padlocks - WAR65, WAR65LS

LSW Rating:  9/10

Squire Warrior 65mm Closed Shackle - WAR65CS

Squire Stronghold Combination Padlocks

Squire SS50 and SS50CS

These are the original high security padlocks designed by Squire for heavy duty uses. They come in the 2 versions, Squire SS50 combi and the Squire SS50CS combi. 

These padlocks have a 10mm Boron Steel shackle for tough cutting resistance and a protective weatherproof cover as standard.

LSW Rating:  7/10

Squire SS50 Open shackle

LSW Rating:  8/10

Squire SS50CS Closed shackle