Best Mortice Lock Ranges

  1. What makes a 5 lever Mortice Lock BS3621?
  2. Union 3G114E / 3K74E
  3. Union 2134E / 2234E
  4. ASEC 5 Lever Deadlock / Sashlock
  5. Union 3G110 / 3K70
  6. Ingersoll SC110 Deadlock

What makes a 5 lever Mortice Lock BS3621?


There are a few main features that a mortice lock has to have to achieve the BS3621 rating but the main differences between the old 5 Lever mortice locks and the new up to date BS3621:2007 are the bolt throw has to now be at least 20mm compared to the older 14mm and the lock must have hardened steel plates on either side of the lock case.

Below we have laid out the Union 2134E BS3621 deadlock and the equivalent Union 2101 5 lever lock that is Non-BS3621. There are a couple of major differences.


Lockshop Warehouse Recommended Ranges

1) Union 3G114E / 3K74E

This range of mortice locks used to be the Chubb 3G114E and Chubb 3K74E locks before Union took over from them. These locks are some of the most reliable mortice locks around with all solid brass internals they feel more solid than most when you lock the bolt and the internals also are much tougher in external weather conditions. They are extremely well built with all the same manufacturing processes that the Chubb versions used so you can rely on these locks to stand the test of time.

These are a little more expensive than some of the other 5 lever BS3621 locks you can purchase but you are buying quality with these locks. We recommend these locks above all others in the mortice lock market even though there are some more expensive and perhaps more secure locks we at the Lockshop Warehouse think you can not get better for your money.

The Union 3G114E /3K74E range have slightly different backsets to the more common locks so if you do have to upgrade your old versions then you will need to go for this range for ease of installation.

Available keyed differ (supplied with 3 x keys) or keyed alike (3 x keys total for the set of locks) you can easily have the same key for front and back doors.

The rollerbolt system on the sashlock version of this locks means you can use it on either hand of the door without having to open and swap the latch over.

Pros –

Excellent Construction and materials used, smooth key action,  comes with solid brass keys with last longer than some cheap alloy blanks.

Cons –

Has a different size backset to most locks that make it difficult to retrofit for other locks.


2) Union 2134E / 2234E

The Union 2134E and 2234E mortice locks are the original BS3621 rated locks made by Union from before they took over the Chubb brand.

These mortice locks are a great mid-range 5 lever BS3621 range. They are slightly cheaper than the other Union range above which can make them great for larger jobs where you require quality at an affordable price. The locks have all brass internal levers which make them hardwearing. The main advantage of these locks is they come in the more standard of backset of either 45mm or 57mm which means you can easily upgrade your old locks to 5 lever BS3621 without refitting the handles / keyhole.

Some prefer these locks to the Chubb versions above because of the triangular latch which is a more traditional style. These locks certainly a favorite of our engineers to install when fitting the locks.

Available keyed differ (supplied with 3 x keys) or keyed alike (3 x keys total for the set of locks).

Pros –

Strike plate comes in a metallic plated finish, brass internals, more affordable lock range, can be used to upgrade older more common sized locks.

Cons –

has an oversized faceplate that requires chiseling out.

ASEC 5 Lever BS3621 Mortice Locks

The ASEC 5 lever BS3621 Deadlock and Sashlock are probably the most cost-effective lock on the market. They are a copy of the Legge lock range that has now been discontinued but with these ASEC locks available you don’t need the Legge range. The ASEC don’t have the brass internals which means they can keep the price down but it is definitely one of the locks we would recommend for use on any external doors if cost is a factor. There are many locks in the lower end of the price range but most are not worth the money and we would not recommend a lock with cheap alloy levers but the ASEC range does not have these so this is the preferred choice in the economic range of locks. 

The sizes of these locks are similar to the Union 2134E range so you have the more common backsets and the advantage with these locks is the faceplate is a more standard length.

These locks come as standard with 2 x keys per lock when ordered keyed differ or if you would like the same key for both we can make them keyed alike but you will only get 2 x keys total for the set of locks. We can cut additional keys for these locks if required.

Pros –

Low cost but reliable, common sizes for easy installation

Cons –

Internals are not as hardwearing as the more expensive Union locks, doesn’t have a recognised brand name,


Union 3G110 / 3K70 Range

Please note this range is NON BS3621 rated.

This is a difficult lock to leave out as the range is fantastic, there are lots of different variations on the locks that all work with the same key so you can have a deadlock 3G110, sashlock 3k70, mortice nightlatch 3R35, hook bolt 3M50 and horizontal mortice lock 3J60 all on the same key.

BUT these locks are not BS3621 rated. This whole range, unfortunately, has a 14mm bolt throw so cannot be rated BS3621 which is a real shame as these locks are probably the most reliable on the market. We have seen locks only start to fail 30 years after installation which when used nearly every day is extremely impressive. Not to say that all the locks will last this long but its a very impressive feat.

The range of locks is extremely high security with 5 x anti pick detainers (similar to levers), hardened anti drill plates and a large box strike plate. The only feature lacking is the 20mm bolt throw.

The main issues come when you have these locks installed on your doors from when they were BS rated. The mortice hole in the door is so large you can not replace them with any other lock without some serious work. We recommend to keep this lock as the mortice deadlock but also install as BS3621 rated nightlatch on the door so you are insurance compliant.

Pros – Fantasic reliablility, high security, large range of locks that can be keyed alike.

Cons – NON BS3621, large mortice hole required in the door, once fitted very difficult to change to other lock type, expensive for the range.


Ingersoll SC110

The Ingersoll SC110 mortice deadlock is a superb lock which has been designed to exceed the BS3621 rating to give you even higher levels of security. Similar design to the Banham M2002 lock which also offers the 10 inch strike plate to give better resistance against forced entry.

The lock comes with the anti vandal bolt through plates to protect the Euro cylinder and a high security 35/35 (70mm overall) Multi-lock cylinder. The cylinder can be keyed alike to the Ingersoll SC100 nightlatch which means you can easily have the same key for both locks on the front door.

This is a fantastic security lock but the main issue with this is the price, its far more expensive than the other mortice locks which all comply to the same BS3621 ratings.

Pros – Exceeds the BS3621 ratings, can be keyed alike to SC100 Nightlatch

Cons – Very Expensive, the unit is larger than the other ranges and because of the Euro cylinder, you have to install the anti vandal plates either side.



A lot of the decision is determined by what you have installed in your door already, but if you find that you have external doors that you would like some assistance in selecting the correct mortice lock for or even the best way to reach the BS3621 insurance rating please get in touch and our team here at The Lockshop Warehouse will be happy to help.