Best Weatherproof / Marine Padlocks

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Full range of Marine and Weatherproof padlocks are available at The Lockshop Warehouse Marine Section. 

There can be some confusion when it comes to weatherproof and marine grade padlocks as some companies advertise their padlocks as a marine grade when the padlock is only weatherproof. There isn’t an official distinction between the two terms but we have always sold our padlocks with the idea that a Marine Grade padlock can be used along the coastline or at sea and a weatherproof is more for inland uses which require better security over anti-corrosion.

It can be confusing but provided your careful to look at the features each padlock offer to make sure you get the correct padlock for your use.

Stainless Steel

This is a softer metal so easier to cut with conventional tools but will not corrode / rust.

Hardened Steel

This is a harder material which is used on nearly all padlock shackle as it is great to protect against cutting with saws and normal hand tools but unfortunately, it will corrode/rust over time.

Lockshop Warehouse Definitions

Marine Grade –

This is a padlock that has a stainless steel shackle and has either brass or stainless steel bodied with all brass internals which is non-corrosive. I would also suggest with marine grade padlocks that they come with a protective plastic cover which covers the keyway as this will protect the cylinder from collecting grit, mud, and salt which will accumulate inside the padlock body. Effectively we would suggest that a Marine grade padlock is suitable for uses on the coastline or even out to sea on a boat where the conditions are the harshest.

WeatherProof –

The Weatherproof padlocks are padlocks that are more focused on their security needs compared to the Marine grade padlocks as they have specially designed shackles that have a protective coating over the hardened steel shackles that although will eventually corrode have a much better resistance compared to ordinary hardened steel.

The body of the padlocks again should be protected in a plastic covering with a keyway protector so this will be a more effective padlock for external uses on say gates or outbuildings that you require the high security of hardened steel but a decent weather protection.


Lockshop Warehouse Recommended Ranges


ABUS 83 Series Padlocks



The ABUS 83 Series range of padlocks have one marine grade padlock which is the ABUS 83WP/53 Submariner and they do a long shackle version of the same padlock, ABUS 83WP/53HB63 Submariner. These are probably the best marine padlocks on the market from a strength and reliability factor. These have a Sold Secure rating of Bronze which is a testament to there strength. These padlocks have been used on the North Sea Wind farms and have lasted in these harsh conditions so this shows how effective these are in the marine conditions.

These ABUS 83WPIB/53 Submariner padlocks are available with a high security restricted key which is only available from The Lockshop Warehouse so we can control the duplication of the keys which gives you control over who has them and how many keys are in circulation. This is the ABUS Pfaffenhain 83WPIB/53 and the long shackle version ABUS Pfaffenhain 83WPIB/53HB63

Weather Proof Padlocks

Within the same range of ABUS 83 series padlocks, there are is an ‘Extreme’ version of padlock that gives effective weatherproofing while also giving a more security-focused padlock. The range has 3 main models, ABUS 83WP/53, ABUS 83WPCS/53 and the ABUS 83WP/63. Each of these padlocks has a hardened steel shackle with the ABUS Nano-Protect coating that gives them far better weather resistance than standard hardened steel.

These padlocks are all available with the high security ABUS Pfaffenhain restricted key cylinder if required.

We can key alike all of the 83 series padlocks together which means its extremely easy to get multiple padlocks using the same keys. We also offer a unique keying alike service so that unlike other companies online that sell the same keys to all their customers we can make the cylinders onto random keys that only you will have, this way your padlocks are far more secure.

Squire Stronghold SS Range

Marine Grade Padlocks

The Squire SS50 range of padlocks is available with a stainless steel shackle which makes these padlocks a fantastic marine grade padlock. British made padlocks their quality is second to none. The range is available in 3 styles, Squire SS50S, Squire SS50CS and theSquire SS50S/2.5 each of these padlocks comes complete with a stormproof jacket over the padlock to offer great weather resistance and protect the keyway.

These padlocks are CEN 3 rated and they are available to purchase with the Squire Restricted key profile if you require key control. Please get in touch with our team at The Lockshop Warehouse if this is of interest.

Weather Proof Padlocks

The Squire Stronghold range of padlocks offers a great range of high security padlocks that all have the protective storm jackets on as standard so they give greater protection against the elements. The range consists of 3 main sizes of padlocks with variations of each.

Squire SS50, Squire SS50CS, SS50/2.5

Squire SS65, Squire SS65CSSquire SS65/2.5

Squire SS80, Squire SS80CS  – This is the worlds Strongest Production Padlock

They all come with the hardened Boron shackles which are highly corrosion resistant which has been tested for over 400 hours of salt spray.

These padlocks have nearly every rating you can image from CEN 4, 5 and 6, Sold Secure Gold Rating on the whole range, Secured by Design and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) so they are one of if not the best range of high security padlocks on the market.

The price of these is a little higher than the ABUS range but they are larger with more weatherproof variations. All of these padlocks can be keyed alike together and they are available with the Squire restricted key section if required, however, this does cost a little extra.

The Squire SS80 and SS80CS are the biggest padlocks I have seen on the market at the moment. They are classed as the worlds strongest production padlock and we can see why the unit weighs 2.3kg! This version is only supplied as standard with the Squire restricted key section so this gives you even greater key security.

Below we have taken a scale image of the padlock against a 50 pence piece and a AA battery so you can see just how large it is. It is truly a formidable padlock.


Federal FD800 Series Padlocks.

Marine Grade Padlocks

The Federal FD800 series of padlocks is constructed completely of stainless steel so body and shackle. The internals are brass so this gives this entire range the marine grade. The range consists of FD840, FD850, FD850P (Closed Shackle), FD860 and the FD860P (closed shackle).

All are available with the same key profile so they can all be keyed alike together if required and there is also a restricted key version available.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a protective cover on the padlock body so there is no keyway protection. These are a nice quality mid-range padlock.

Weather Proof Padlocks

The Federal range also offers the Federal FD730 and FD740 padlock ranges which like the other weatherproof padlocks have a toughen hardened steel shackle and a weather resistant finish to protect the body against corrosion. These padlocks are Sold Secure Rated from Silver to Gold and CEN Rated 4 and 5.


Economic Range of Marine Padlocks

Zone Weatherproof Padlocks



This range of Stainless steel shackled padlocks is one of the most cost effective on the market. Zone locks have always been renowned for their quality and reliability so now they have released a weatherproof padlock this is a great entry level padlock for the marketplace.

The Zone Series 10 range is called their Marine range but I am reluctant to class it as a Marine grade padlock as there is minimal protection on the body. The body is made of solid brass with a chrome plating and the shackle is stainless steel so together these would be perfect for external uses that don’t require the high security and costly padlocks list above.

The Zone Series 10 range consists of  Zone-10-40mm padlock, Zone 10-50mm padlock, and the Zone 10-60mm padlocks. Unfortunately, these are only available keyed differ at the moment, this may change in the future depending on their popularity.


ABUS 70IB Marine Grade Range

The ABUS range of 70IB padlocks are marine grade due to the brass body and internals and stainless steel shackle all under a protective plastic covering with key hole protection.

The range has 3 sizes the 35mm, 45mm and 50mm body padlocks which have a standard and long shackle variation on each.

These are the ABUS 70IB/35, ABUS 70IB45, ABUS 70IB45HB63, ABUS 70IB/50 and the ABUS 70IB50HB80 

These are slightly more expensive than the Zone versions but will be a more suitable padlock for harsh marine environments.