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Chubb Branding

In August 2010 the Chubb license for the branding ran out and was not renewed by the American multi-national company who owns it. They instead released all the Chubb products under different branding. This means that all the products are still available and are made in identical ways except instead of being stamped with the Chubb name they have either Union or Yale branding on them.

All the mortice locks and padlock range from Chubb have been taken over by Union and are released in there new 'C' series range.

The window locks and door bolts have been released under the Yale brand and have keep the old Chubb model numbers.

We have tried to keep some of the names on the site the same as the old Chubb to make it easier for customers to find the correct product as this can be confusing having the wrong name on the products, but to reassure you that although the brand name is different the quality is still the same.