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Key Profiles

Keyed to Differ

Key differ is the standard key configuration. This means that every lock you purchase will have different keys.

Keyed Alike

When locks are "Keyed Alike" it means that 1 key will work all those locks.

We can only key alike the same brand of locks (this means a Union lock cannot be keyed alike to an ERA lock)

Mortice Locks

When purchasing mortice locks, usually "Keyed Alike" versions will come with 1 set of keys in total (regardless of how many locks you order. This can be 2 or 3 keys depending on the lock). This is due to only one of the locks keys being required. All other locks in that set are then machined to work with that key in place of their original.


Padlocks are mostly keyed alike to certain key numbers, this means that each keyed alike padlocks will come with 2 keys. This allows you to add additional padlocks to your suite at any point in the future so long as you order the matching key number.

Key Profiles

Standard Key Profile

These are keys that can be cut at any locksmith / key cutters in the UK. They are still secure locks/ keys but there is no restriction to duplicate the keys.

Registered Key Profile

These are keys that are not available from standard key cutters as the key blanks are sold from the manufacturer to locksmiths / hardware stores to cut with permission from the end user. These keys are not completely controlled as any key cutter who can get the key blanks from the manufacturer can cut the key if they choose to. This makes it trickier to get the keys cut compared to a standard key which is sometimes enough control over the key cutting.

Fully Restricted Key Profile

This is the top restriction level for the keys as with these keys only 1 place can legally purchase the key blanks. The keys will be specifically marked with the locksmiths details and once you have purchased the lock the key number can be restricted to your details so only you can authorise getting any additional keys or locks made.

This is the best way to fully control key duplication as there is no way to get a key made that can work the lock except from the original locksmith who has access to the design of the key blank.


Masterkeyed locks are locks that have unique keys for each individual lock but also work with a Masterkey which is a key that works all the supplied locks onto that suite.

We can create any size of masterkey suite, we can even supply padlocks and euro cylinders masterkeyed so you can have all your locks on a masterkey suite if you wish.

Keyed Alike to Key Supplied

This means that if you already have locks/padlocks made to a specific key you can send us your key and we can make more locks/padlocks to your existing key.