Key Profiles

Keyed Differ

Key differ is the standard key configuration. This means that every lock you purchase will have different keys.

Keyed Alike

Keyed Alike locks mean that 1 key will work multiple locks.

We can only key alike the same brand of locks (this means a Union lock cannot be keyed alike to an ERA lock)

For most mortice locks keyed alike locks will only come with 2 keys: This is because the other sets of keys are discarded once you key the locks together.

Padlocks are mostly keyed alike to certain key numbers, this means that each keyed alike padlock will come with 2 keys. This also means that you can add additional padlocks to your suite at any point in the future as long as you order the same key number as previously ordered.


Masterkeyed locks are locks that have unique keys for each individual lock but also work with a Masterkey which is a key that works all the supplied locks onto that suite.

We can create any size of masterkey suite, we can even supply padlocks and euro cylinders masterkeyed so you can have all your locks on a masterkey suite if you wish.

Keyed Alike to Key Supplied

This means that if you already have locks/padlocks made to a specific key you can send us your key and we can make more locks/padlocks to your existing key.