Best High Security Padlocks

What makes a high security padlock different?

high security padlock locking mechanism


The views here are based on our personal opinions at the Lockshop Warehouse. They are however, backed up by over 30 years experience of selling these types of locks and we have taken all products purely on merit, with no favouritism shown to any one manufacturer.


1) Squire Stronghold Padlocks  – Best LSW Recommendation

The Squire Stronghold Range is the top level security range from Squire. These padlocks are all CEN rated from 4-6 which gives means there is a padlock in the range for all high security purposes. These padlocks use the double ball bearing locking system and are designed to be key retaining. Each of the padlocks come as standard with the plastic cover over the body with a protective cap on the base to prevent dirt and grit from getting into the keyway.  These padlocks are available keyed differ, keyed alike and masterkeyed.

Within the Squire range there are the following padlocks, Squire SS50 padlock (CEN 4) , SS50CS (CEN 4), SS50/2.5 (CEN 4) , SS65 (CEN 5), SS65CS, SS65/2.5 (CEN 5), SS80 (CEN 6) , SS80CS (CEN 6),  Squire SS100 (CEN 6) , Squire SS100CS (CEN 6) 

The standard padlocks come with a 6 pin open profile key as standard but they can all be supplied with the Squire restricted key section if key control is required. The Squire SS80 and SS80CS come with the high security restricted key section as standard.

Pros – Large range of different sizes, protective cover on all padlocks, extremely reliable padlocks.

Cons – There are none in the range of Squire Stronghold padlocks. We have sold a lot of these and barely ever have an issue.


2) ABUS 83/80

ABUS 83-80 padlock

This padlock is the top level security padlock on the market. The body of the lock and shackle is made completely out of hardened steel and then the whole padlock is coated in ABUS’s new finish knows as Nano-protect which is weather-proof to prevent corrosion and rust.

The ABUS 83/80 is available in 3 different versions, 83/80 open shackle, 83CS/80 closed shackle and 83/80HB80 long shackle to give a range of extremely high security padlocks. This padlock has a massive 15mm thick shackle which cannot be cut with bolt cutters, saws or drills. Ideal for areas that you need secured with the toughest padlock, we’d recommend using this alongside a high security hasp and staple or chain. The locking action uses massive ball bearings which prevent it from being forced open. All these features gives the ABUS 83/80 padlock a CEN 5 rating or a CEN 6 Rating for the ABUS 83CS/80

This padlock also comes as standard with the high security ABUS Pfaffenhain key section which is only available from the Lockshop Warehouse, allowing you to control who can get duplicate keys copied. The cylinder is designed to be anti drill, pick and bump which gives the ABUS 83/80 the strongest cylinder we offer as standard. These padlocks can be keyed alike at no extra cost so you can use multiple padlocks on the same key.


Pros: High security key section, one of the largest/toughest padlock around, restricted key profile as standard.

Cons: 15mm shackle can be too big for some uses so not suitable for all solutions.


3) ABUS Granit 37RK70-80 range

abus granit high security padlocks

These padlocks were ABUS’s original high security range of padlock which have been providing top level security for years. There range consists of 2 different sizes with open and closed shackles available in each. The padlocks come with a large 14mm shackle thickness and they are locked by 2 large ball bearings that prevent force/torque entry techniques. Designed for use with the heavy duty hasp and staples available from ABUS and they also have a range of high security chains that are perfect to use with any padlock in this section (open or closed shackle).

The closed shackle versions of these padlocks have all 4 sides raised which means that there are no weak points on the closed shackle padlocks, this then means that the shackle is completely removable from the padlock, so you remove the shackle, hook it around your hasp/chain and then reattached the body of the padlock.

ABUS have created their ABUS Plus key for the Granit range of padlocks which are only available from special ABUS retailers, the locks use a 9 disc cylinder system which gives impressive resistance to picking and manipulation techniques.


Pros: Large range of padlocks to work in conjunction with specific hasps/chains which will suit most purposes, high security padlocks with top corrosion resistance.

Cons: Removable shackle on closed shackle versions can be lost, ABUS Plus key can be confusing to work if not used to operation.

4) Ingersol OS711/CS712

ingersol high security padlocks

These padlocks are Ingersoll’s high security range which offer a good level of security to work with medium-high security chains and bolts. The shackle on this range of padlock is 10mm which is useful if you want a high security padlock but have not got enough room for the larger 14-15mm shackles of the bigger better padlocks.

The Ingersoll padlock is available with a closed shackle which offers better protection against cutting and physical attack.

The Ingersoll key section is unique to Ingersoll as unlike the standard cylinder pins most other padlocks use these have a 10 lever lock mechanism to give greater protection against lock picking/manipulation.


Pros: 10 lever key gives high protection against manipulation attacks

Cons: Thin 10mm shackle not as tough as other padlocks, price is high for less security.



Below are the ranges of padlocks that used to be available and were counted as some of the best on the market but unfortunately have now been discontinued from the manufacture.


union high security padlock

Previously caried under the Chubb brand, designed for use with Union’s high security padbolt/padbar systems these padlocks have a large 14mm shackle which is available in open or closed shackle versions. These padlocks however can be used with an high security chain or bolts to give fantastic levels of security for all purposes.