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Extreme High Security Padlock – Worlds Strongest Padlock

H.Squires & Sons - SS100 and SS100CS Padlocks

Henry Squire & Sons are an independent family / British run company and have been since 1780. They specialize in high-quality/high-security locks and padlocks. They are constantly updating their ranges to combat the ever more sophisticated burglar.

They have now stepped up their game one more time to release the largest / heaviest duty padlock on the market to date. Its unbelievably massive and its the most secure padlock I have never seen......

The purpose of the padlock originally was built as a little bit of fun by the factory with them building the padlock to show just how large they could get it. It then quickly gathered a bit of a following online and some serious interest from companies that required the very highest security on their gates / warehouse doors to protect their valuables.

Squire SS100 / SS100CS Padlock Features

20mm Shackle Thickness

The Squire SS100 padlocks have a massive 20mm shackle that is the largest shackle around and because of this Squire have had to make 2 special products that will work with these padlocks. The Squire STH100 hasp and Staple and the TC22 Chain ( continue reading to see more about these products).

Dual Locking System

The Squire SS100 padlocks have dual locking systems so this means that there are 2 separate keyholes on the base of the padlock that both have to be unlocked before you can remove the shackle. You can get the same key for both if only you need to open the lock but if you want it on a warehouse/ gate that you need supervised access to you can have 2 different keys which you can give out to different people so to open the padlock both keyholders have to be present at the same time.

Types Of Squire SS100 Padlock

Open Shackle SS100  / Closed Shackle SS100CS Padlocks.

I have written some blog posts about the pros/cons with open shackle padlocks versions closed shackle padlocks and they mostly talk about ease of locating the padlock, the strength/protection benefits you get with the closed shackle...etc... but to be honest with you these Squire SS100 padlocks are so large and so secure there aren't any differences between them except maybe one which is the only way anyone could get into these and that would be with a large angle grinder and a lot of time. I guess with the open shackle if its too exposed then there is a possibility that you can cut through the shackle with a very large grinder. However, the great thing with the Closed shackle padlock is that all 4 sides of it are raised which means to cut if off will take ages as you have to cut through all 4 sides and the shackle and most blades probably aren't large enough to get through it all.

Additional Products / Security

Squire STH100 Padbar and SS100CS

The Squire STH100 Padbar is a specifically designed product to only work with the Squire SS100CS. When used together they achieve the LPCB (loss prevention certification board) Level 4.

They are CEN Rated 6 as well.

The padbar body is made from a special hardened case material and the hardened staple rotates for extra security making it more resistant to attack.

Squire TC22/5 Chain with SS100CS Padlock

The Squire TC22/5 and SS100CS Padlock and chain set achieves the highest Sold Secure rating of Diamond. This is the toughest chain and padlock combo on the market.

The chain has been specially designed to work with the Squire SS100CS padlock.

The chain is 1500mm long and has a 22mm link diameter. Its made out of a hardened alloy steel.


These padlocks are expensive, there's no two ways about it. But the big question with these items is how much would you pay to secure your property .ie. motorbikes, warehouse, commerial unit.....etc..?

These locks from Squire are the best so really for the sake of £350-400 I would always say it's worth spending more at the start and get the best than wait to be have something stolen and regret it after the fact.

So we deal closely with Squire to offer you the best costs on the Squire range of padlocks. We can get these parts specially made for your orders and can offer them in all the keying options available like...standard key sections, restricted key sections...keyed alike or if you have any queries or questions please get in touch.

I hope this article has been of interest and helpful for you in selecting what is currently the best padlock available on the market.