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ABUS 140/190 'Diskus' Hasp and Staple with added link for around corners

Product Code: ABU140190

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The ABUS 140 DISKUS Hasp and Staple series was specifically designed to compliment the DISKUS Padlock series. The 140/190DG has a double jointed hasp for flexibility.
The hinge pins on these Diskus padlocks are stainless steel so that they do no corrode and rust. This makes the ABUS 140 series a ‘Marine’ grade product suitable for the harshest outdoor conditions.

140 Series Diskus Hasp and Staples
Tough steel construction : With concealed hinge pins
Stainless steel hasp & hinge pin : Designed for use with ABUS Diskus padlocks
Double jointed hasp for flexibility,
Hidden screws : Deters determined theft
Including coach bolts and backing plates : Secure fixing.

The 120 was designed for use with any 60, 70 or 80mm DISKUS Padlock. The best to use to maintain the ‘Marine’ Grading will be the ABUS 24IB range as these are stainless steel padlocks.

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