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Authorised Key Control – What is it and how does it work?

Controlled Key Duplication

Most keys that come with locks and padlocks are what's called an OPEN PROFILE key. This is the standard style of key blank that is available at all key cutters and these keys have no control over the duplication as anyone can get as many keys as they like cut from any key cutters.

To offer better key control and protection against this happening there are locks on the market that have a REGISTERED PROFILE or RESTRICTED PROFILE key which means that the keys can not be cut any other locksmiths or manufacturers other than the place that supplied them originally. The issue arises where the key is not FULLY RESTRICTED and is available to cut at multiple locksmiths.....unfortunately with these systems there is no way to say for sure that no one will cut these keys, I will call these REGISTERED KEY PROFILE keys

We can offer a FULLY 100% restricted key section which is fully controlled as we are the only locksmiths legally allowed to sell this exact key. This is the EVVA ICS range of cylinders and locks and we call this the FULLY RESTRICTED KEY PROFILE as only the authorized people on the signature list can get keys cut.

Below I have explained each of these Key types with some example links so you can see the products, I have sent the links to the SQUIRE padlock range as we have all 3 options for each product so you can see the differences and the pros and cons for each.

Open Profile Key Section

These keys tend not to be numbered or coded which means there is no number on these key blanks. Coded / numbered keys can be duplicated to this key number without the need to present a physical key to a locksmith.

As mentioned above these are a standard key that can be cut anywhere, there are lots of different key blank manufacturers that produce copy key blanks which mean nearly all key cutters have access to almost all the standard OPEN PROFILE KEY blanks.

An example of this is the SQUIRE SS50S - Stormproof - Open Profile Key Padlock

These have the standard SQUIRE 6 pin key which is a great quality 6 pin key and will offer great security against the common methods of attack ( drilling and bumping etc) but the keyway is a standard shape so not as secure against picking compared to the other locks below.

Registered Profile Key Section

This type of Key section is a slightly more controlled key blank which is only available from certain locksmiths and suppliers. Unlike the OPEN PROFILE Key section these can not be cut at your high street shoe repairers or Supermarkets unless they have very sophisticated key machines. These keys are not 100% controlled as the blank is NOT unique to any specific locksmith so if someone had the key blank and they wanted to they could cut these keys to either the code number or the physical key.

An example of this would the be SQUIRE SS50S - Stormproof - Registered Key profile

They are a great way to increase the security against potential picking attacks as the shape of the key tends to overlap to prevent lock picks actually going into the cylinders.

Fully Restricted Profile Key Section

Fully Restricted Key Profiles are key sections that can only be cut by one Locksmith so that they can fully control the key duplication. The Lockshop Warehouse uses a unique key section from EVVA ICS range of locks which gives us a 100% FULLY RESTRICTED Key profile until the Patent runs out in 2038.

With these cylinders and keys you can get every type of lock so you can have your entire house or business working with a Masterkey system or simply have 1 key to work all your locks.

You can see the full range of the EVVA ICS Cylinders and padlocks below.

These cylinder are the best and most versatile cylinder on the market with 10 finishes stocked in the UK and they offer a 1 star kitemarked rated cylinder or a 3 star kitemarked cylinder if you want the highest security on your external doors.

If you have any questions on any of these ranges or the style of keys please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to discuss this over the phone or by email.

It can be a bit confusing so please feel free to email us at to ask any questions on these keys.