Installing Euro Cylinders

Euro Cylinders:

To measure your existing Euro cylinder the easiest way is to remove it from the door so you can get an accurate measurement of both sides of the cylinder.
You need to measure both halves of the cylinder as some cylinders are offset so the 2 halves are different lengths.

Measure from one end of the cylinder to the center of the screw hole on the cylinder, then repeat the process for the other side. This will give you the size of cylinder you need to match and then you can decide what level of security you go for.

Installing Euro Cylinders.

Euro cylinders once fitted in the door are held in place with a central screw that is located on the face edge of the door. To remove these cylinders you need to remove the central screw. Then insert the key to one end, turn the key to approx 45 degrees either left or right (depends which side you insert the key) and pull the cylinder out. You need to turn the key as the central cam is offset when the key is removed and this means you can not remove the cylinder at this point. Turning the key will line the cam flush with the cylinder and therefore you can remove the cylinder from the door.

Repeat the process in reverse to replace the cylinder. MAke sure you remember to screw the central cylinder screw in otherwise the cylinder will move around in the door and pull out the door.