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ABUS 702 Lock Out Hasp 38mm Red

ABUS 702 Lock Out Hasp 38mm Red

Product Code: ABU702R

5.00  (6.00 inc VAT)
6.00  (5.00 ex VAT)
All steel construction and corrosion protected. Hasp accepts up to 6 padlocks (padlocks not included).

Special ABUS 74 Series Padlocks have been designed for the Lock off market.

Often called safety lock offs they are used in industrury by mantenance fitters to isolate electrical switch gear or valves. Each fitter has his own colour coded padlock and the switch grear cannot be restarted until all the fitters are clear of the machinery.

Available in 2 styles, with or without clasp. The Clasp will stop people forcing the hasp off the switch and therefore be able to activate the machinery.
Hasp Style

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