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ABUS 797 Key Garage Key Safe With Shackle


(£29.99 ex VAT)

The Abus 797 Key Garage is a neat way to have shared access for the secure storage of keys and other small items using a resettable 4 digit code. With a large internal space for storing up to 20 keys or 14 cards, this model is designed with a plastic coated solid metal shackle for fixing onto gates and doors. Features Removable automatic locking shackle : Plastic coated to protect paint work A safe way to leave keys for people you trust : Convenient security Resettable 4 digit combination : Set your own PIN Strong, sturdy construction : With durable weather resistance Dimensions - 115mm x 80mm x 43mm

Keys Supplied: per lock total (unless ordering multiple groups)
Additional Keys are available below
When ordering multiple Keyed Alike locks, only 1 set of keys are provided as all additional locks are made to work from that key.
If ordering 4 or more keyed alike locks you can have them set up as different groups. If Required: Let us know the details in the "Specific Key Requirements" field above.

Each group of locks will then receive keys.


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