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ABUS Hasp and Staple 100/80mm Double Jointed

ABUS Hasp and Staple 100/80mm Double Jointed

Product Code: ABU10080HS

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DG hasps and staples (2 Links) version allows the flexibility to secure a padlock around a corner or an angle without compromising security.

The 100 series, with its strong construction and corrosion protection, is suitable for general internal and external applications.
The 100 series Hasp and Staple series offer a good level of security at a competitive price.
Concealed hinge pin. Corrosion protected. Hidden screws.

For use with ABUS Padlocks
The 100 80mm Hasp and Staple series is recommended for use with the following ABUS Padlocks:-

ABUS brass series padlocks: 40-50mm padlocks.

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