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ABUS Hasp and Staple 110/195mm Jointed with two Links

Product Code: ABU110195HS

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The versatile ABUS 110 Hasp and Staple series is ideally suited for any medium security application.The whole product is made from hardened steel designed to withstand drilling and cutting attacks. The concealed hinge pins prevent people from knocking them through to gain access.

The 110 195mm features the flexibility of 2 additional links. Ideal for use around corners or angles.
This makes them perfect for gates and garages with right angled frame work. Once locked the fixings are all concealed behind the hasp.

Tough Security designed for the mid range security. Hasps and Staples are only as good as the padlock used with them so below we have a few recommended padlocks to use with this hasp.

ABUS Diskus 20C70 or 20C80,
ABUS 65 series brass padlocks 50mm or 60mm only,
ABUS 83 series Extreme range.

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