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APEC AP 1/2 Euro Cylinder

APEC AP 1/2 Euro Cylinder

Product Code: APECS-AP1-2

34.99  (41.99 inc VAT)
41.99  (34.99 ex VAT)
The APECS AP Series Half Euro is our Half Euro Cylinder that operates on the same key system our BSI 3 Star Kitemark, AP Series Euro Cylinder. The AP Series Half Euro offers protection against, drilling, picking and bumping.

The APECS AP euro cylinder is available with 3 keys and offers a 10 year warranty.

3 x Keys Supplied with this Cylinder - Keyed differ

3 x Keys in TOTAL supplied if you order multiple cylinders KEYED ALIKE


Anti-pick: 4 pins
Anti-bump: double locking mechanism with slider in combination with a unique shallow chamber
Anti-drill: 2 pins in the body + 5 on each side in the core
1 steel driver pin
Dimple and slider hybrid key profile
10-year warranty


Key Configuration ?

APECS AP Key Cut to Code

APECS AP Key Cut to Code

Product Code: APECS-AP-K

7.99  (9.59 inc VAT)
9.59  (7.99 ex VAT)
APECS AP Key Cut to Code at time of Purchase of Cylinders.

Please DO NOT Purchase this key without purchasing a cylinder. If you need a key after you have purchased the cylinder please contact us.


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