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ASEC Panic Latch

ASEC Panic Latch

Product Code: AS3101

99.99  (119.99 inc VAT)
119.99  (99.99 ex VAT)
ASEC Panic Latch

Complies To BS EN 1125

Double door strike is required for double doors
For use on single doors or first opening leaf of a pair of doors
With rebated meeting styles, where a vertical bolt is fitted to the other leaf
Supplied left or right handed (can be reversed on site)

Left hand illustrated.
ASEC Lever Outside access device

ASEC Lever Outside access device

Product Code: AS3107

70.00  (84.00 inc VAT)
84.00  (70.00 ex VAT)
ASEC Lever Operated Outside Access Device, same as the Briton 1413ELE

Fixing suitable for timber and metal doors
Improved grip on knob for wet conditions
Supplied complete with Evva Euro cylinder
Suitable for doors between 40mm and 70mm thick