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Extra Long Key for Union 3 lever locks (extra 30MM)

Extra Long Key for Union 3 lever locks (extra 30MM)

Product Code: UNION-3L-EXLK

4.50  (5.40 inc VAT)
5.40  (4.50 ex VAT)
Extra long key for Union 3 lever locks with 30mm added length when compared with the standard length keys.

Length of key is 90mm from the middle of the flag ( cut part) to the end of the bow ( part you hold)

We use copy key blanks not genuine key blanks to reduce the cost of the key cutting. All key blanks that we use are the top quality keys from the biggest key blank manufacturers.

PLease contact us if you would like more info.

All our extra keys are cut keys to the specific lock you have purchased. We do not supply the uncut blanks unless requested


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