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Federal SR60W/JR Extra Heavy Duty Combination Padlock - 70mm Body


(£36.99 ex VAT)

A new weatherproof & JR cover resettable combination padlock combined with number dials device for lock opening to provide confidential security. Hardened steel lock case against damage to surface and assembled with full coverage jacket prevents padlock body from collision to protect its surface, as well as provides anti-static and waterproof abilities. The shackle with quality plating provides and legible brass number wheels with satin nickel plated and black painting to provide anti-oxidation feature. It is easy to reset your own combination with change pin at any time and place and convenience to carry on every user for any demand of security for your belongings or storage goods in somewhere even if the moveable cabinet, also suitable for outdoor farmhouse or storehouse. - Hardened Steel lock case with water proof cover - Patented anti-dust(JR) cover; Anti-corrosion Parts inside - Super tough alloy steel shackle - Easy to reset your combination number at any time - 4 dials with 10,000 possible combinations - Easy to reset with your combination number at any time - Keyless convenience

Keys Supplied: per lock total (unless ordering multiple groups)
Additional Keys are available below
When ordering multiple Keyed Alike locks, only 1 set of keys are provided as all additional locks are made to work from that key.
If ordering 4 or more keyed alike locks you can have them set up as different groups. If Required: Let us know the details in the "Specific Key Requirements" field above.

Each group of locks will then receive keys.


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