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IFAM X-5 Euro Cylinder Rim Lock


(£18.00 ex VAT)

IFAM X5 Euro Rim Lock. This lock is perfect for wooden gates / shed doors. The lock screws directly to the inside of the door and you use a suitable Euro cylinder with this (Euro sold separately) You can use any type of Euro cylinder with these locks. Long bolt throw into the surface mounted keep plate for the frame. Euro Key hole cover supplied in Brass finish for the outside of the door. Colour Option = GOLD Powder Coated BROWN Powder Coated Cylinder measurements = Internal Side = 35mm - External side = Door Thickness + 10mm ( So if your door is 45mm thick you would need to use a = 55/35 cylinder length) Please get in touch if you have any questions on these items. DESCRIPTION Backset: 30mm Width: 60mm Case Height: 95mm Security rim lock Steel body & strike 110mm double throw bolt Uses any standard euro profile cylinder


Keys Supplied: per lock total (unless ordering multiple groups)
Additional Keys are available below
When ordering multiple Keyed Alike locks, only 1 set of keys are provided as all additional locks are made to work from that key.
If ordering 4 or more keyed alike locks you can have them set up as different groups. If Required: Let us know the details in the "Specific Key Requirements" field above.

Each group of locks will then receive keys.


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