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Igloohome SP2 Smart Combination Padlock - Military Tested Durability

Product Code: 121-SP2

139.99  (167.99 inc VAT)
167.99  (139.99 ex VAT)
Igloohome S2 Smart Padlock.

Toughest padlock you’ll ever own.

This military-grade hardware has been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Coupled with an intelligent core, thanks to our algoPIN™ technology, you can be sure your assets are safe anywhere, everywhere

Auto Lock
Automatically locks once the shackle is fastened.

Security Lockout
Padlock access is disabled after several incorrect access attempts to ensure your assets are secured.

Relock Reminder Alert
Lock will display an LED alert to remind users to fasten the shackle.

Low Battery Alert
Intuitive LED alert will prompt you to charge the batteries when it runs low.

Emergency Jumpstart
Easily jumpstart the lock with a USB-C cable connected to a power bank if batteries are drained.

Rechargeable Battery
Simply recharge the lock with a USB-C cable if battery levels run low. 9 months worth of use in less than an hour of charging.

Volume Control
Adjust the volume according to your preference. Select from levels 0 (mute) to 5 (loudest).


Modes of access (Entry)

PIN code, Digital key

Power type

Rechargeable Lithium battery

Battery life

Up to 9 months

Battery operating temperature

-20°C to 50°C / -4°F to 122°F

Operation temperature

-20°C to 50°C / -4°F to 122°F

Emergency power



1 year warranty


IPX7, CE, FCC, ISED, UKCA, UN38.3, ISED, RoHS2, MIL-STD 810H (7 tests)

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