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SQUIRE DCL1 - Combination Padlock
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SQUIRE DCL1 - Combination Padlock

Product Code: DCL1-Combi

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SQUIRE DCL1 Combination Padlock - Round body design gives great shackle protection. Designed with a Boron Steel Shackle and Stainless steel body this padlock is perfect for external uses like gates and sheds.

Features =

4-digit Combination 10,000 different codes

Easy code change with key so code can not be accidentally changed

Boron Steel shackle is 80% stronger than steel so can not be cut with hacksaws and is resistant to bolt cutters

The protected shackle design prevents access to the shackle with cutters.

Perfect for chains and cables or slide bolts on sheds and garage doors.

10-Year SQUIRE guarantee

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