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SUPRA 'Kibbe' KeySafe

SUPRA 'Kibbe' KeySafe

Product Code: L9400

49.99  (59.99 inc VAT)
59.99  (49.99 ex VAT)
KeySafe keeps home keys where they can he found. So schoolchildren, service help, friends can always get in.

KeySafe home key boxes are convenient locking home key storage devices that ensure your family knows where your keys are. Kids can get in after school, service people can make deliveries, vehicles can be accessed, grandparents can visit, friends can check the house while you're away.

All KeySafe key boxes open quickly with a simple combination you set yourself using the accessory provided or a screwdriver. Simply choose a combination that is personal and easy to remember .
Multiple keys can be stored inside. And one key can be attached to the box lid so it won't be dropped, carried off or lost.
KeySafe key boxes are rustproof, durable metal alloy and warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.

PERMANENT KEYSAFE 'Kibbe' attaches securely to any wall or flat surface with 4 screws (provided), holds 5 keys and comes in white finish. Great in many applications including: School children, Prevent accidental lock outs, Emergency access, Housecleaning services and Recreational homes

Benefits, After-school access solution for children , Emergency entrance to elderly households, Provides unscheduled access for cleaning personnel, pool services, and household maintenance ,Vacation properties, cottages, and recreational dwellings.
Supra Keysafe Protective weather resistant cover

Supra Keysafe Protective weather resistant cover

Product Code: L11535

6.00  (7.20 inc VAT)
7.20  (6.00 ex VAT)
This is an additional part added to the Supra Keysafe to protect the buttons from the weather.

Fantasic way of protecting the keysafe from the weather.