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Squire G7 - 10mm Link,  2000mm Length - Hardened Alloy Steel Chain - Sold Secure Bicycle GOLD
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Squire G7 - 10mm Link, 2000mm Length - Hardened Alloy Steel Chain - Sold Secure Bicycle GOLD

Product Code: SquireG7

49.99  (59.99 inc VAT)
59.99  (49.99 ex VAT)

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G7 Hardened Alloy Steel Chain (blue sleeve) - 2000mm Length - 10mm link

The G7 Stronghold chain is made from hardened alloy steel. This product comes in a blue sleeve and offers mid-high security.

This Stronghold chain is ideal for locking perimeter gates, substations, and heavy goods vehicles.

Compatible with Squires SS50CS padlock and WA500 wall anchor. Comes with a 10 year personal guarantee from Squire.


Chain Diameter - 10mm

Length - 2000mm

Security Rating - 9 / 10

Finish blue

Weight 9Kg

Standards - Sold Secure Gold Bicycle

High security

Suitable Padlock and Ground Anchor for this chain can be located below.
Squire SS50CS Closed Shackle Padlock with stormcover Squire SS50CS Closed Shackle Padlock with stormcover view 3
Dimensions Key

Squire SS50CS Closed Shackle Padlock with stormcover

Product Code: SS50CS/Strm

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43.00  (51.60 inc VAT)
51.60  (43.00 ex VAT)
Between 3 & 5
41.00  (49.20 inc VAT)
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More than 6
39.00  (46.80 inc VAT)
46.80  (39.00 ex VAT)

Due to it's durability and quality of design this product has achieved our 'LSW Approved' status, reserved for only the top performing products within their market sector.

The Squire stormproof SS50CS is the one of the highest security padlocks with protective weather cover.

This version comes with a hardened steel steel closed shackle to protect the shackle from attack and cutting.

Designed for use on external gates, chians. docks, marine enviroments and anywhere you would like top level weather protection and security.

Stainless steel shackle is complete weather resistant.

Rekeyable 6 pin cylinder

over 250,000 key differs

Anti-bump , Anti pick cylinder is highly attack resistant

Highly corrosion resistant Electrophoretic black coating with the added weatherproof cover offers great weather protection.

CEN Rated 4

Available keyed alike and masterkeyed

When keyed alike these need to be ordered specially for each order and Squire have to make them up with the Stormproof jacket, please allow an extra 2-3 days for these padlocks. Keyed alike versions you will only receive 2 keys in total with the order.

Key Configuration

  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Body Width
  • 53
  • C
  • Shackle ∅
  • 10
  • D
  • Horizontal Clearance
  • 16
  • E
  • Vertical Clearance
  • 16
Squire WA500 heavy Duty Ground and Wall Anchor

Squire WA500 heavy Duty Ground and Wall Anchor

Product Code: WA500

18.99  (22.79 inc VAT)
22.79  (18.99 ex VAT)
The Squire WA500 Wall Mounted Bridge Anchor has a solid 5mm hardened steel construction, it is easy to install and comes completed with security fittings. It boasts a 58mm x 43mm clearance making it suitable for most chains with up to 10mm link diameter.

It is powder coated and weather resistant making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications such as securing ladders, bikes, lawn mowers and other valuable equipment that are often kept outdoors, in sheds or garages.


5mm hardened steel construction

Ideal for both internal and external applications

Durable powder coating

Easy to fit

Supplied complete with security fixings

58mm x 43mm clearance

10 Year Squire Guarantee

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