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Squire LN3 - 30mm - Brass Padlock

Product Code: LN3

5.50  (6.60 inc VAT)
6.60  (5.50 ex VAT)
Squire LION Brass Padlock - 30mm Body Width

Solid Brass Padlocks - Premium Grade

The Lion range offers a superior level of security for indoors and outdoors use and these padlocks are available keyed alike so you can have the same key for multiple padlocks.


Hardened steel shackle 

Double locking

Solid Brass lock body Pin tumbler lock mechanism


Superior duty securoity - excellent economic choice

Suitable for use for internal and external areas.

Please note - The Hardened Steel Shackle is stronger than Stainless Steel so better for higher security uses. However hardened steel will corrode eventually...its inevitable as it contains iron...
If you want a completely Marine Padlock please have a look at the Stainless Steel versions of these LION Padlocks as these will not corrode. 

Key Configuration ?

Squire Padlock Key - P4/5

Squire Padlock Key - P4/5

Product Code: SQ-P4-Key

2.00  (2.40 inc VAT)
2.40  (2.00 ex VAT)
Extra key cut to work with the Squire Range of LION Padlocks

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