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EVVA ICS Key Cut to Code EVVA ICS Key Cut to Code view 2
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EVVA ICS Key Cut to Code

Product Code: EVVA-ICS-Key

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10.00  (12.00 inc VAT)
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Between 10 & 24
9.00  (10.80 inc VAT)
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Between 25 & 49
8.50  (10.20 inc VAT)
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Between 50 & 99
8.00  (9.60 inc VAT)
9.60  (8.00 ex VAT)
More than 100
7.50  (9.00 inc VAT)
9.00  (7.50 ex VAT)
Extra key for EVVA ICS cylinders. Only LOCKSHOP WAREHOUSE section keys can be cut.

Information on the ICS Key =

The ICS key
Being reversible, ICS key offers two advantages at once. Inserting the ICS key into the cylinder is particularly easy due to the key's specially developed tip. The key's thickness of 3 mm and the high-quality nickel silver alloy make the key durable and resistant to wear. The depth of the three cuts on the bottom of the key are now concealed. Consequently, illegal key copies are virtually impossible, even using the most recent 3D printing methods.

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