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ABUS 37/60 HB70 Granit Motor Cycle Lock

Product Code: ABU3760LSO

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Quick and easy to fit to motorcycle brake discs, the ABUS 7/60 HB70 is tensile to extreme levels. Constructed from a solid block of hardened special steel alloy with a shackle of the same material, the 37HB will resist the fiercest of attacks.

Through hardened special steel alloy shackle and body
Resistant to sawing, levering, hammering, twisting and cutting
The pick resistant ABUS Plus 7 disc cylinder guarantees against attack .
Double ball bearing locking for high tensile strength.
Freeze tested
Complete with handy carrying pouch

Shackle Internal Width 14 - 25 mm
Shackle Internal Length 70 mm
Shackle Diameter 11 mm

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