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ABUS 41/40HB50 Laminated Padlock

Product Code: AB4140hb50

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Under 9
12.40  (14.88 inc VAT)
14.88  (12.40 ex VAT)
More than 10
12.00  (14.40 inc VAT)
14.40  (12.00 ex VAT)
The 41 ABUS Laminated Padlock offers tough, double bolted security Padlock with quality pin tumbler Cylinders.

If real strength is required from a conventional padlock, the 41 padlock has all the answers.

ABUS 4 PIN TUMBLER MECHANISM . Hundreds of genuine key differs

Mushroom pins for improved picking resistance Paracentric keyway helps protect against manipulation, All corrosion free components .

The solid 41 Laminated Padlock series from ABUS offers one of the highest levels of security available from conventional padlocks. Chunky case hardened steel shackles and a strong double bolted mechanism ensures a high level of resistance to pulling and torsion attacks, Case hardened steel shackle, Double bolted mechanism, each laminate individually galvanised and chromatised for extra rust protection, Self locking action , Safety bumper protects paint work, Tough countersunk rivets.

2 keys supplied

Keyed Alike Number: EE0192

Please note these padlocks are created in the ABUS factory to specific key numbers. Every padlock keyed differ or alike will come with 2 keys

Key Configuration ?

  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Body Width
  • 40
  • C
  • Shackle ∅
  • 7
  • D
  • Horizontal Clearance
  • 18
  • E
  • Vertical Clearance
  • 20
  • 50
Extra key for ABUS Padlocks

Extra key for ABUS Padlocks

Product Code: EXK-ABU-STD

2.00  (2.40 inc VAT)
2.40  (2.00 ex VAT)

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