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ABUS 70IB/35 Aquasafe Marine Padlock

Product Code: ABU70IB35

Order Qty
Unit Price
Under 9
8.99  (10.79 inc VAT)
10.79  (8.99 ex VAT)
More than 10
8.70  (10.44 inc VAT)
10.44  (8.70 ex VAT)
Low security requirement in severe weather and environmental conditions.

Operation : Lock and unlock with a key

2 keys supplied

Lock body made of solid brass. Enclosed lock body with special protective cover in front of the lock mechanism to protect against water and dirt. Impact-resistant plastic sheathing. Stainless Steel Shackle protected by sealed plastic jacket. Inside parts made of 100% rustproof materials. Drainage grooves to carry off penetrating water. Double automatic locking. Precision 4-pin cylinder with mushroom counter pins. Paracentric key-way for greater protection against manipulation.

Please note these padlocks are created in the ABUS factory to specific key numbers. Every padlock keyed differ or alike will come with 2 keys

Key Configuration ?

  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Body Width
  • 35
  • B
  • Body Height
  • 30
  • C
  • Shackle ∅
  • 6
  • D
  • Horizontal Clearance
  • 15
  • E
  • Vertical Clearance
  • 25
Extra key for ABUS Padlocks

Extra key for ABUS Padlocks

Product Code: EXK-ABU-STD

2.00  (2.40 inc VAT)
2.40  (2.00 ex VAT)

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