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ASEC 6-Pin Screw-In Cylinder Single

ASEC 6-Pin Screw-In Cylinder Single

Product Code: AS1430

9.00  (10.80 inc VAT)
10.80  (9.00 ex VAT)
Suitable for use with Adams Rite and most other mortice type metal door locks

6 pin cylinder for added security

Screw In Cylinder comes as a single unit. Keyed Alike available

Supplied with 3 keys

Keyed Alike cylinders will only come with 3 keys. These need to be requested Keyed alike as they come with different keys for each lock as standard!!

Key Options
Extra key for ASEC Cylinders

Extra key for ASEC Cylinders

Product Code: ASEC-KIT-EXK

4.00  (4.80 inc VAT)
4.80  (4.00 ex VAT)
This additional key for our range of Asec cylinders can be used when ordering any type of cylinder within our Asec range (double, half, thumb turn etc...).

Keys in this section are cut and tested to the cylinders you have purchased in your order. We do not supply uncut blanks unless requested.


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