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Magnet ASEC - GL850/R External

Product Code: AS9820

129.99  (155.99 inc VAT)
155.99  (129.99 ex VAT)
External magnet suitable for gates

The Asec GL850/R is a face-fixing stainless steel external waterproof magnetic lock that is ideally suited for external applications such as security gates. It has a holding force of 363kg and the stainless steel magnet body has a protective epoxy compound coating which means that it is both corrosion resistant (ISO tested) and waterproof (rated to IP67).

Holding Force: 363kg
Voltage : 12v DC

Material: AISI 316 satinless steel
IP Rating: IP67

Medium security for design architectural doors
Quality AISI 316 stainless steel magnet body
No residual magnetism
Corrosion Proof (ISO tested)
Built in MOV surge protection

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