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Asec Rim Cylinder

Asec Rim Cylinder

Product Code: ASEC1109

5.99  (7.19 inc VAT)
7.19  (5.99 ex VAT)
Spare or replacement pin tumbler rim cylinder for use with cylinder rim locks. 5 pin as standard.

Supplied in Brass or Nickel Finish.

Keyed Alike available to letters A or B, select either if buying for the first time, these are only useful if you have allready installed a set of locks on one of the two letters.

Supplied with 3 keys.

Please note these cylinders are made to a specific key number so you will get 3 keys per cylinders ordered when keyed alike

Key Configuration ?
Extra cut key for supplied Asec Cylinders

Extra cut key for supplied Asec Cylinders

Product Code: L14457

2.00  (2.40 inc VAT)
2.40  (2.00 ex VAT)
Asec Door Pull

Asec Door Pull

Product Code: ASEC-DP

6.99  (8.39 inc VAT)
8.39  (6.99 ex VAT)
Asec door pull to fit all standard UK rim cylinders.

Not suitable for Chubb and Ingersol cylinders.