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BARS Secure Pro Series Smart Code lock

Product Code: BARS-ProS

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Under 2
149.99  (179.99 inc VAT)
179.99  (149.99 ex VAT)
Between 3 & 4
142.99  (171.59 inc VAT)
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More than 5
135.00  (162.00 inc VAT)
162.00  (135.00 ex VAT)
BARS Pro Series code lock is a Smart unit which has been designed to work with the standard 60mm backset tubular latch.

Electronic lock that works off 8 x AAA Batteries for extended use ( batteries supplied)

Internal Use code lock, not suitable for external doors in harsh weather conditions.

Perfect for office and rental properties.

The pro series code lock has a mulitude of features to make this unit suitable for 1 off uses or for larger B&B or hotel doors.

Below is a list of the ways you can operate the BARS Pro Series. ( Set up of the features requires the APP downloaded onto a Smart Phone/tablet)

Finger print Scanner - The unit comes complete with a finger print scanner that can store up to 200 different finger prints

Keypad Code = You can enter a code to the lock to open it. The unit can store 100 x different codes.

Key override = Each unit comes with a 2 x keys as an override

From the App = Free download to any smart phone.

You can open the unit using the blueetooth app , fob cards, E-Codes , or even remotely when using the BARS Gateway to make the unit truly smart.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in this product, we can help with any questions on how this operates.
BARS Secure Gateway

BARS Secure Gateway

Product Code: BARS-Gateway

19.99  (23.99 inc VAT)
23.99  (19.99 ex VAT)
BARS Gateway is a gateway bridge that allows you to connect the BARS Smart Locks to the internet so that they can be used remotely via the TT Lock App.

The Gateway links to the BARS Smart Locks via bluetooth so the unit need to be pluged in to a standard UK plug socket

Supplied with UK Plug.


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