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BORG LOCKS BL6100 Narrow Style Digital Lock With UPVC Extension


(£185.00 ex VAT)

Borg 6100 Solo Digital Door Lock - For Retrofit Applications Key features: Specifically designed to work with UPVC door locks with 92mm centres. 195mm fixing centres Not compatible with automatic electronic multipoint locks. New sequential coding chamber. Single column 6 button chamber. Greater level of security. Free acting handle. No need to remove tumblers to change code. 70 degree handle rotation ideal for multi-point locks. Please note that this product is not subject to our normal returns procedure and will only be repaired by the manufacturer, rather than replaced, Products may be subject to manufacturer's checks and their policy on replacements will apply. Operation Sequential coding chamber Code length: 4-7 digits Suitable for UPVC or aluminium doors Holdback: No Handed - No Usage: Light duty Suits multipoint locks with 92mm centres PVD coating makes it suitable for exterior use


Keys Supplied: per lock total (unless ordering multiple groups)
Additional Keys are available below
When ordering multiple Keyed Alike locks, only 1 set of keys are provided as all additional locks are made to work from that key.
If ordering 4 or more keyed alike locks you can have them set up as different groups. If Required: Let us know the details in the "Specific Key Requirements" field above.

Each group of locks will then receive keys.


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