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Bulldog Euro Clamp - EM4x4SS - Tyres Upto - 280mm Width

Product Code: EM4x4SS

104.99  (125.99 inc VAT)
125.99  (104.99 ex VAT)

Delivery Info

Delivery will take 2-3 days from Bulldog. Delivery cost: 5.50+VAT

EM4x4SS Suitable for 4x4s Van and Motorhomes.

* Fits in seconds without the use of a key.

* High security drill and pick resistant lock.

* Fitted with protective tips to eliminate damage to alloy wheels.

* Strengthened steel locking arms.

* Portable and easily stored.

* Recommended for alloy wheels.

* Sold Secure Gold Approved.

* Insurance Approved.

Magazine review.
Auto Express-
"10 out of 10 for security in recent Auto Express test."

Motor Caravan:-
"ITS GOOD because the compact dimensions and its weight make it a good choice for touring.It is easy to fit too - you simply slide the arms apart,fit the hooks on to the wheel rim, push the arms together and lock."

"BUY IT IF you need a clamp thats not bulky yet still has a high security rating."

Key Option

Extra Radial Pin key for Bulldog Locks

Extra Radial Pin key for Bulldog Locks

Product Code: EXK-Bulldog

14.99  (17.99 inc VAT)
17.99  (14.99 ex VAT)
Extra key cut to code for Bulldog locks. Radial Pin Version

Each key is cut to a specific key number and takes 10-14 days to order.


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