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Bulldog GR250 Heavy Duty Garage / Workshop Door Lock

Product Code: GR250

99.99  (119.99 inc VAT)
119.99  (99.99 ex VAT)
Suitable for a variety of applications including; double doors, sliding doors, gates and storage containers.

3mm cover plate with 5mm mounting brackets.

25mm diameter locking bolt with drill and pick resistant lock.

Left or right handed fitting.

4 M8 x 75 coach bolt fixings.

Supplied with 2 keys.

Dimensions 140mm x 82mm x 58mm

Weight 1.86kg.

Key Option

Extra Radial Pin key for Bulldog Locks

Extra Radial Pin key for Bulldog Locks

Product Code: EXK-Bulldog

14.99  (17.99 inc VAT)
17.99  (14.99 ex VAT)
Extra key cut to code for Bulldog locks. Radial Pin Version

Each key is cut to a specific key number and takes 10-14 days to order.


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