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Codelocks 4010 Keyless Digital Electronic Lock Finish Stainless Steel

Product Code: L15763

145.00  (174.00 inc VAT)
174.00  (145.00 ex VAT)
The CL4010 is a medium duty electronic keyless lock offering all the functions of the CL2010, but with the benefit of full size lever handles which allow it to be used as the primary lock on doors where a knob operated lock would not be suitable.

Over 200,000 operation from 4xAA cells. PVD, weather resistant, low maintenance finish.

OPERATION Outside lever turns freely without operating the latchbolt.
When valid code is entered and blue light burns, the lever will retract the latchbolt.
When the door closes the spring latch will automatically lock the door.
The key will open the door for management functions.
The key may be used to set the lock into Code Free mode so that anyone can open the door without using a code.
Code Free mode can also be programmed at the keypad using the Master Code.Connections for remote release by reception desk button.

Connections for release by alarm system.

Code free entry mechanically by key or electronically from keypad .
Allows up to 80 User Codes 4, 5 or 6 digits long.
Tamper alarm and low battery warning.