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Dorma Floor Spring BTS 75V (Mechanism Only)

Dorma Floor Spring BTS 75V (Mechanism Only)

Product Code: L11540

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NOTE. This is the Mechanism ONLY. IF you need the complete door spring you need to also order one of the Dorma floor spring kits

The adjustable floor spring.

Universal in application with a unique combination of functions Whether it be standard, narrow or wide, LH or RH single action, or a double action door

The new DORMA BTS 75 V is the answer, offering the ideal spring size by simple in-situ adjustment of a screw. Designed and built for rugged durability, the DORMA BTS 75 V is suitable for all doors up to a weight of 120 kg and widths up to 1100 mm, while its range of functions ensures maxi-mum user convenience, comfort and safety.