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IGES T-10 Ansi Mortice Electric Release

IGES T-10 Ansi Mortice Electric Release

Product Code: AS9824

69.99  (83.99 inc VAT)
83.99  (69.99 ex VAT)
Fitting : Mortice Mount

Operation : Fail locked/Fail unlocked Selectable.
(Failed locked will remain locked if power fails/ Failed unlocked means release will unlock if power fails)

Holding Force : 1750kg/3860lbs

Voltage: 12vDC / 24vDC.


12vDC = 0.1A.
24vDC = 0.2A.

Latch Monitoring : Yes

Anit Tamper : No

IP Rating: IP53
Fire Rating: 4 Years
Guarantee: 2 Years

Mortice Mount
12v DC / 24v DC continuously rated coil .
Comes with extended stainless steel face plate option
Low current consumption on stand by
High end surface treatment
Simple fail locked to fail unlocked interchange with no loose pins and springs

Union 2332 Oval Cylinder Night Latch | Complete with Cylinder and Turn

Product Code: U2332SET

89.99  (107.99 inc VAT)
107.99  (89.99 ex VAT)
Suited to wooden doors hinged on the left or right and allowing for lever operation only.

The Latchbolt is withdrawn by a cylinder key from outside. Inside the latchbolt is withdrawn by a separate snib such as the Union 5203 turn knob (supplied).

Cylinder options - single cylinder or key & key.

Supplied complete with 2X1A single cylinder and Union 5203 turn knob.

Finish: Satin Chrome or Brass.
Case Finish: Silver Enamelled.
Forend: Stainless Steel, finished to match strike plate.
Striking Plate: Steel, finished to match forend.
Latchbolt: Brass.
Follower: Brass, 8mm square.

Cylinder Type and Finish: Oval Profile, Satin Chrome or Brass.


  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Case Width
  • 64
  • 78
  • B
  • Backset
  • 47
  • 60
  • C
  • Case Height
  • 70
  • D
  • Forend Length
  • 120
  • E
  • Forend Width
  • 25
  • F
  • Centres
  • 34

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