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Kaba L1031 (L1000-3) Mechanical Digital Combination Lock Unit with Passage Set Mode


(£449.00 ex VAT)

The Kaba (formerly Simplex Unican) 1000 Series is probably the most sophisticated mechanical digital combination lock of its type available. Outside Operation : By lever handle on operation of code or free access - passage set mode. Inside Operation : Lever handle - free exit, No. Of Codes : 1, Combinations: 1000 + , Code Length : 1 to 5 , Passage Set: Yes by key or thumbturn, Latch : Heavy duty 16mm mortice, Deadlatch Finishes : Satin chrome Polished brass OPERATION : Mechanical retraction of latch upon entry of correct sequence of code or engaging passage set mode. FEATURES : Handed units left (11) or right (LR), Reversible latch. Protective clutch mechanism. Code change by authorised personnel. Fast code change whilst unit fitted. Suitable for rebated doors . Large user-friendly handle. Key by-pass function. Passage set mode - allows free access. Suits doors 35-57mm thick. These lever operated digital locks are designed for high frequency use in locations and areas where accessibility for the disabled is specified or ease of use is called for. The L1000 series complies with most handicap and fire safety codes.


Keys Supplied: per lock total (unless ordering multiple groups)
Additional Keys are available below
When ordering multiple Keyed Alike locks, only 1 set of keys are provided as all additional locks are made to work from that key.
If ordering 4 or more keyed alike locks you can have them set up as different groups. If Required: Let us know the details in the "Specific Key Requirements" field above.

Each group of locks will then receive keys.


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